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The TEFL centre offers a much less expensive but equally high quality alternative to main-brand certificates (CELTA and Trinity).


Our courses, which meet the highest industry standards, are accredited by a long established and recognised UK-based body, Accreditat, and in many ways offers even more than our competitors in services and support.


Since the demand for 'English as a Foreign Language' teachers around the world is so high, paying an elevated sum for a brand-name certificate is not necessary to find work. Job placements are won on the strength of interview performance and experience.


Employers are increasingly searching for professionals who can deliver stimulating, effective and communicative classes.


We provide just that. Highly trained and inspired teachers.


Our collaborating school, 'New English Centre', allows the trainees to gain real, hands-on teaching experience in class, and our trainers are totally committed to bringing out the very best of our trainees' potential.


We look forward to welcoming you onto our course and joining you in the fabulous opportunities that TEFL teaching has to offer.

Setting up a Close Control exercise. Malaga TEFL Teacher Training Centre.

posted on 27-07-2017

Setting up a Close Control exercise. To set up a close control exercise, first establish the close control task.Here are a fe


Welcome to The TEFL Centre in Málaga!

     We offer:

  • 4 week intensive accredited TEFL courses in Málaga.
  • Savings to be made of approximately 500€ on competitors' course prices.
  • Recognised UK-based certification.
  • Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm.
  • 6 to 12 trainees per course.
  • Highly experienced trainers.
  • Reductions in price for friends enrolling together
  • Training given in a busy language school.
  • Emphasis on practical course content.
  • Life-long professional support for graduates.
  • Direct from with the accrediting body.
  • Membership of our teacher graduate pool.
  • Accommodation service available.
  • Help in finding placements, writing CVs and interview technique.
  • Social activities programme.
  • Airport transfer service.
  • Discounts on Spanish courses.



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