Close Control task types 6. Board games. Malaga TEFL Teacher Training Centre.

Close Control task types 6. Board games. Malaga TEFL Teacher Training Centre.

At the TEFL Centre, learning how to make a board game is an important part of the TEFL course training. With just a few basic principles, you can quickly make a high frequency use of target language game which is great for all ages.
The essential elements are:
  1. Students throw a 6 sided dice to move.
  2. The board game is a ‘race to the end’ game.
  3. Make sure that the average number of throws to reach the end will be enough so that each player has to use the target language between 20 and 30 times.
  4. To avoid having to make too many squares, make odd dice throws worth moving 1 square and even dice throws worth moving 2 squares. Another possibility is that the students have to do laps of a circuit.
  5. The students can be prompted to use the target language by many means: teacher’s questions, question cards (gives students more autonomy), or the squares on the board game itself could have questions/tasks etc.
TEFL classroom training note: Despite being good for close control work, board games are great for revision work too. We recommend trainee teachers to keep a ‘question card template’ for each group they teach. The template is a word document with 6 boxes on it for writing in:

After each class, the teacher can write questions/tasks on things that have come up in the class, such as ‘How do you say…?’, ‘What does…. mean?’, ‘Pronounce this: ……’, ‘Correct this…..’ etc. and have an ever increasing number of questions cards accumulating and used in conjunction with the board game.


Posted on August 7th, 2017


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