Close Control task types 1. Surveys. Malaga TEFL Teacher Training Centre.

Close Control task types 1. Surveys. Malaga TEFL Teacher Training Centre.

Here we look at an example of a close control survey task.

Let’s suppose the target language is adverbs of frequency in the context of the present tense.
  1. Warmer: use mouthing for various sentences which use the target language e.g. ‘I never go shopping on Saturday’.
  2. Link in: take that last sentence we use and put it up on the whiteboard e.g. How often do you watch horror movies?
  3. Establish a vocabulary field/theme: Use the word ‘horror’ to elicit other types of film genre: comedy, action, adventure, crime, epic, musical, science fiction, war, western, disaster, romance, fantasy etc.
  4. Ask the class a question: Which film genre is most popular in this class? Write the question on the whiteboard.
  5. Establish the task: Give out the survey sheet for data collection (see below) and explain that they are to indicate their predictions for the 3 most popular types of film genre in the column ‘prediction’. Explain that they will then ask each other how often they see the different film genres (using predetermined target structure language) and then see if the result (the average frequency with which students chose one or another type of film genre) vindicates their prediction. This activity fulfills the requirements of the components of a close control activity.
  6. The result is calculated based on the value assigned to each adverb of frequency:
  7. always = 10 points / usually = 8 points / often = 5 points / sometimes = 3 points / hardly ever = 1 point / never = 0 points
  8. At the end of the activity, the student whose prediction is closest to the result can be presented with an Oscar!


Posted on July 30th, 2017


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