Language Presentations in the TEFL classroom 3. The classroom management presentation: teacher training in Málaga

For the TEFL courses run at the TEFL Centre in Malaga, a great deal of emphasis is placed on the value of capturing language as it naturally arises in the classroom by virtue of the fact that communicative activities are taking place.

An example of this would be the presentation of the possessive ‘s’ (Saxon genitive).

Assuming your TEFL students have course books, giving these out can be the vehicle for presenting the structure:

Teacher to students (T-Ss): Who is this?

Students to teacher (Ss-T): It is Pepe.

The teacher holds up a book which doesn’t have Pepe’s name on it, but rather someone else’s.

(T-Ss): Is this Pepe’s book?

(Ss-T): No

This reply doesn’t require the students to understand the language in the question. Its meaning is implicit.

The teacher holds up a book Pepe’s book (with his name on it).

(T-Ss): Is this Pepe’s book?

(Ss-T): Yes, it is.

The teacher gives the book to Pepe and now captures the target structure on the whiteboard: This is Pepe’s book.

The teacher continues to do the same with other people’s books to confirm the rule.

The teacher then takes the books back and quickly flashes a book at random at the students making it challenging for them to identify whose book it is.

(T-Ss): Whose is this book? Is it Pepe’s? It is Juan’s? Is it Maria’s?

(Ss-T): It’s (Pepe’s/Juan’s/Maria’s) … (various answers)

(T-Ss): It’s…. Juan’s!

The teacher gives the book to Juan and now captures the target structure on the whiteboard again: Whose is this book?

The teacher then asks a student to take his place, and the students take turns in asking the questions and receiving answers.

TEFL / TESOL class considerations:

This is an elegant way to introduce a new piece of language which offers various advantages to other we have considered (see articles 13 and 14):

It is teacher led, so the students stand little chance of going astray, since the teacher can always take remedial action to check their understanding is along the right lines.

The context is implicit in the activity, so no translation or first language interference needs to complicate the presentation.

It is learner-style friendly since it doesn’t need abstract skills such as logic or interpretation.

It has good ‘impact’ value, since it is immediately challenging (whose book is it) and this engages the students.


Posted on May 15th, 2017


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