The TEFL Centre. Malaga TEFL course. Presentations: Role playing dialogues 2.

In article 29 we noted the usefulness of roleplaying presentational dialogues. What follows can be considered as a generic lesson plan for using in the classroom.

Books closed.

Play hangman to establish a key word related to the dialogue.

Tell students they are going to hear a recording (related to the key word in point 2).

Dictate questions (do not include target language) to the students for the dialogue they are going to hear.

Check the questions by having the students dictate them back to the teacher and write them on the whiteboard.

Play the recording 3 times:

Play the recording right through with no stopping. Students mustn’t write.

Play the recording through, with pauses, and students can write.

Play the recording right through with no stopping, and students can write.

Students pass their answers on to other students for peer correction and the teacher invites students to give the answers to the questions in turn.

Books opened on the page with the dialogue.

The target language is dealt with (the book itself will supply this).

Drilling of target language/written exercises

Books closed

Teacher hands out dialogue which has been cut up into individual sentences.

The students reconstruct the dialogue.

Students read the dialogue out and the teacher writes it up on the whiteboard, writing the character’s names by each turn in the dialogue.

The teacher drills any difficult sections of the dialogue.

Students are put into roleplay groups.

Students use the dialogue on the whiteboard to enact roleplay. They are dependant on the whiteboard to remember their part.

Students take turns in being different characters in the dialogue.

The teacher then starts to rub off words from the whiteboard. The students then realise that they have to sue to memorise the dialogue.

Slowly the teacher removes more and more of the dialogue until only the characters names are left.

The teacher then holds an Oscar competition for the best role play.

TEFL / TESOL class considerations:

Tell students that the exact character they will portray in the roleplay will be assigned by you. This means they don’t only learn the dialogue for their character.

Either the teacher rates the performances, or the groups rate each other. If there are, say, 4 groups, then each group assigns 3 points to the group who gave the best performance, 2 to the runner up and 1 to the last.


Posted on June 19th, 2017


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