Skills reading 10 Tasks for reading activities Completing a definition, gapped texts and gapped sentences

Skills: reading 10. Tasks for reading activities: Completing a definition, gapped texts and gapped sentences

Here at the TEFL Centre in Málaga, TEFL courses have an emphasis on the practical aspect of English language classroom teaching. In the last few articles we have been looking at ways of presenting exam reading tasks to make them more motivating and encourage including other skills to make the classroom experience more varied and engaging.

Here are some suggestions for the following three task types which we hope will be inspiring for you!

1.      Matching a definition.

Here the idea is that the candidate looks at descriptions of words and chooses the word being described. To practise this, the TEFL teacher can take a list of description categories and ask students to offer vocabulary that could fall into each group. For example, the list could include colour, size, material (what it’s made of), verbs related to the object, where it is used, how often it is used, if most people have one etc.

A good way to get the list going is take an object, say a bottle opener, and give a word for each category, then do another example with, say, a picture of a car.

The next step will be for students to think of an object (taken from the word list for the corresponding level being examined and write the description). On the back of the paper they write the name of the noun. Students then read everyone else’s definitions and try to get the object.

Alternatively, instead of on the back of the paper, the nouns could be put up on the whiteboard together with extra nouns to act as distractors.

2.      Gapped texts (paragraphs have been removed and the candidate must choose from the separated paragraphs which one fits in each gap in the text).

A nice simple way to practise this type of exam question is simply to cut up the paragraphs that have been removed and put them up (with blutac or selotape) around the room. The students then do the activity as it is intended but while physically displacing themselves around the room to find the right match.

All too often TFL classroom activities lack movement and variety, and it is refreshing for the students to practise in a novel way.

3.      Gapped sentences (words have been removed from a sentence and the candidate must choose from the separated words which one fits in each gap in each sentence)

The same idea for above is applicable to this activity. Another idea is to auction of the words. This is done by the teacher giving the students ‘money’ (we use pasta shells a lot at the TEFL centre because they are cheap, plentiful, and you can throw them away if they get grubby!). The teacher then indicates gap and puts the words up for sale and the students bid for them. It’s good to put a cap on the maximum value for a word. The winner is the one who has most money left at the end and gets most of the answers right!



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Posted on October 12th, 2017


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