TEFL / TESOL teacher training: warmers

Teaching TEFL competently requires well designed warmers and is a must for trainees to triumph in the TEFL classroom. Mastering warmers gives you an enormous advantage! (see articles 5, 6 and 7)

The acronym ‘RASCL’ stands for Recycle, Active, Start simple, Contact and Link in. It embodies the essential elements of a warmer and in this series of articles we are presenting some which can be considered as fail-safe.

Warmer 2: Dictation race.

Students are put into pairs. Each pair has a pencil and paper. Student 1 sits at a table, student 2 stands at the teacher’s table and listens to the teacher whispering an utterance. Student 2 then runs to student 1 and repeats the sentence. Student 1 writes it down. Student 2 brings the paper to the teacher. If correct, they get points (given on a sliding scale depending on the number of teams).

Teacher trainer notes: Incorrect samples can be pointed out to student 2 either by repeating the utterance or by underlining the error. They then take the paper back to have it corrected by student 1 before returning it to the teacher.

TEFL / TESOL considerations: This warmer has all the RASCL elements and is best carried out with music playing loudly enough to prevent student 1 hearing directly what the teacher is whispering, or what other students are reporting back to their partners.



Posted on May 9th, 2017


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