Warmers for TESOL in Malaga teacher training

In recent posts we have been publishing warmer activities for use in the TEFL/TESOL classroom. Teacher trainees will find these of enormous value. (see articles 5 6 7 and 8)

When applying warmers to a lesson plan, remember the acronym ‘RASCL’: stands for Recycle, Active, Start simple, Contact and Link in. These components embody the essential elements of a warmer and in this series of articles we are presenting some which can be considered as fail-safe.

Warmer 3: Mouthing.

The teacher puts on music (quite loud). Students are put into pairs but sit on opposite sides of the room facing each other. The teacher whispers a sentence to the group of students on one side of the room, who then ‘mouth’ (speaking but making no sound) the sentence to their partner. The first student to get the sentence and say it out loud wins a point. (note: mouthing students should sit on their hands, and students who can be heard when mouthing get eliminated for that round)

Teacher trainer notes: Older learners can find this exercise very challenging, whilst younger learners and beginners find it much easier. The reason for this is obscure. For trainees on TEFL courses uninitiated in the activity, it is best to become adept at the warmer using it on younger learners first so that using it with older learners is less likely to give poor results.

TEFL / TESOL considerations: All the RASCL elements are to be found in this warmer, and it can be used to recycle individual words as well as whole sentences.



Posted on May 9th, 2017


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