Warmers for the TESOL classroom: teacher training in Málaga

We continue here with warmer activities for use in the TEFL/TESOL classroom. It is recommended to teacher trainees that every class start with a warmer. (see articles 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9)

RASCL’ is the acronym we use to describe the qualities of a warmer. It stands for Recycle, Active, Start simple, Contact and Link in. These components embody the essential elements of a warmer we train our teachers to include in the TEFL class plan. They are highly tested activities and require almost no lesson planning.

Warmer 4: Jenga.

EFL students work either individually or in teams. The teacher asks questions in turn. If correct, they can win a jenga block. This is a commercial name for a game which is also known as topple tower. It consists of blocks of wood that are stacked up to make a tower. Then the pieces are removed one by one, the loser being the first to make the tower collapse. However, here it is adapted to use in the TEFL training classroom so as to be a simple point system, with a twist at the end. At the end of the game, the students try to build a tower with their blocks with a 30 second time limit; the highest one wins. The beauty of the approach is that often the strongest students (and usually those with most blocks) try to build the tower higher than is possible, and it collapses, leaving a weaker student to win. This is useful when teaching classes with students of differing strengths, since it can be very motivating for the weaker student. Variations on this include ‘build or knock down’. Here the student decides whether to add a brick to his tower, or take one off an opponent’s tower. ‘Dominoes’ is another variation where the students have to make the longest falling domino trail to win. It’s great fun!

Teacher trainer notes: Our Malaga TEFL courses initiate trainees in these activities and they become valuable extras to their overall TEFL trainee repertoire.

TEFL / TESOL considerations: This activity provides very high production of target language to be recycled. Allow each team only 3 to 5 seconds to answer and you will get through lost of material!



Posted on May 10th, 2017


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