Customer Service Policy: 

  • We strive at all times to supply the client with the highest standard of service possible.
  • Our commitment is to always listen to the client’s requests and points of view, echoing what we have understood before supplying either a service or answer.
  • In the case that consultation is needed to satisfy a client’s request or query, every effort will be made to do so as swiftly as possible.
  • We will always act with maximum transparency, making known the reasons and motives for any decisions or policies brought into question.
  • If at any point we are deemed to have fallen short of expectations, we will appraise the situation and take it upon ourselves to make any appropriate adjustments to procedure, policy or content in the service which we believe will remedy the situation.

Customer Complaints Policy:

  • The TEFL Centre endorses the right of students to appeal against a grade or an overall course result. We will always seek to deal with appeals quickly and fairly.
  • Every effort will be made to accommodate clients’ differing needs within the constraints of our installations and abilities.
  • Should we be unable to satisfactorily resolve a client’s complaint, they will be offered the official complaints book (libro de reclamaciones) as supplied by the authorities in order for them to make an official complaint to the regional consumer’s association.

Student Appeals Policy:

  • All students have the right of appeal against a grade for an assignment or an overall course result.
  • All appeals with be acknowledged in writing as soon as they are received.
  • A student’s initial appeal should be made to the student’s tutor.
  • If the student is not satisfied with the result, an appeal can be made to the Course Director.
  • If necessary, the External Moderator (ACCREDITAT at www.accreditat.com ) may also be approached, attaching all correspondence.
  • In the event of a student appealing against a grade, there are three possible outcomes:

1. an improvement in the student's mark for the assignment or the overall course will be given.

2. a reduction in the student's mark for the assignment or the overall course grade will be given.

3. no change in the student's mark for the assignment or the overall course grade will be made.

The student will be promptly informed of the result.

  • No appeal will go unanswered in less than 2 days from the moment of the appeal being lodged in the case of appeals to tutors or the Course Director. In the case that the appeal needs the intervention of the External Moderator (Accreditat) no appeal will go unanswered in less than 5 days.
  • All appeals will be duly documented in their initial stage, investigatory stage and resolutory stage. Besides emails and physical documents, the TEFL Centre will use its database for recording all transactions and verbal communications with clients. We also have a policy of keeping email records for at least two years.

Refund Policy:

  • In the event of a cancellation by a client, The TEFL Centre reserves the right to retain the deposit of €500 or the full course fee, and any payments made in reference to accommodation. There is no refund facility either in full or in part for either the payment of the course or accommodation if the course, once started, is abandoned by the trainee. If however there were availability on another course, the centre can choose to offer this at its discretion in lieu of the course not attended.
  • If a client is unable to attend a course owing to illness, as validated by an officially recognised body (e.g. a family doctor or hospital inpatient statement) then any payments corresponding to the course will be valid for the next available course. Payments made corresponding to accommodation cannot be refunded.
  • If, due to illness, a client is obliged to abandon a course already started, as validated by an officially recognised body (e.g. a family doctor or hospital inpatient statement) then the proportional part of any payments corresponding to the remainder of the course will be valid for the next available course. Payments made corresponding to accommodation cannot be refunded.
  • The school reserves the right to cancel a course if forced to do so by unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of the school (war, civil or political unrest, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, or other similar events beyond the control of the school) or owing to the minimum number of 6 trainees not being enrolled. The TEFL Centre will refund all deposit, course and accommodation costs in this event.
  • In the case that a course were to be interrupted by any unforeseen circumstances or suffer alterations of any kind which prevented the correct and effective delivery of the course content, or implied an inability for the trainee to attend classes, then the trainee would be offered a reimbursement for the value of the proportion of the course which has not been received.
  • Clients will be informed of any unforeseen changes via email, telephone and/or WhatsApp.

Privacy Policy:

  • Confidentiality of Customer Information Policy: The intended use of personal data collected from clients is exclusively with a view to allowing The TEFL Centre to effectively administer the procedures necessary for the successful completion of the courses offered. In no event will any data be intentionally divulged to third parties with the exception of the accrediting body for the course: Accreditat, a division of TI Select Training Ltd, registered in Scotland, SC239095. Registered address: 21 Mortonhall Park Crescent, Edinburgh EH17 8SY. 
  • In the case that data were proposed to be used for any other purpose than that described in point 1 above, express written signed permission would be asked for from the client.
  • The TEFL Centre will comply with any request from clients for any information referring to themselves to be deleted or amended.
  • We act in compliance with the legal requirements for adequately protecting clients data stored in digital form on our database, as laid out by the following legislation: Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal.
  • Contact for all matters relating to personal data and responsibility for all data collected by The TEFL Centre lies with Adrian Allen, with NIE (número de identificacion extranjera) X1021997S, and address at Calle San Patricio 7 Malaga 29013 Spain.

Special Needs Policy:

  • The facilities offered by the TEFL centre comply with the requirements and Spanish laws regarding access and facilities for the disabled.
  • However, if a course applicant has any particular need that requires attention in order to attend the course, we will make every effort to comply with the request and offer the applicant our solutions.

Equal Opportunities Policy:

  • Our equal opportunity policy expresses our commitment to promote equality and conduct business according to principles of social justice, respect and freedom of expression when dealing with diversity in the workplace.
  • Scope: This equal opportunities policy applies to all individuals, as well as contractors, visitors and clients who are vulnerable to discriminatory treatment due to certain individual characteristics.
  • Policy elements: Discrimination in the workplace is any kind of direct or indirect negative action or attitude towards an individual that is founded in one or more characteristics of said individual which is subject to protection by law and that might create an intimidating, threatening or uncomfortable environment.
  • Discrimination can refer to different forms of diversity including but not limiting to:

1.   gender

2.   sexual orientation

3.   ethnicity or nationality

4.   religion or beliefs

5.   age

6.   disability

7.   medical history

8.   marital status

  • Areas where the TEFL centre will engage in preventive as well as affirmative action to ensure equal opportunity include hiring, training, performance evaluation, promotions, compensation, benefits and termination. The list is by no means exhaustive and any other process or function will also be subject to dictations by law and the TEFL centre's policy.
  • The TEFL centre will strictly refrain from demonstrating bias or prejudice towards individual differences which will be valued and protected. People will be given the chance to work in a discrimination-free environment which will help everyone feel that their worth and rights are respected.
  • Actions: Actions aiming towards equal opportunity include the following:

1.   use of inclusive, diversity-sensitive language in all official documents, signs etc.

2.   modification of structures and facilities to accommodate people with disabilities

3.   leave and flexible work arrangement policies to provide for parental, medical or other needs

4.   hiring, training and evaluating processes that do not focus on characteristics irrelevant to employment, job specifications, qualifications, productivity etc.

5.   inclusion of religious or national holidays of all people that are part of the workforce in the TEFL centre’s official schedule and arrange their leaves upon request

6.   open door practices to make the reporting of unlawful discriminatory conduct easier

7.   active encouragement of employees to propose improvements

8.   explicit prohibition of discrimination and clearly defined consequences

  • Grievance Procedures:

1.   All supervisors and managers are responsible to ensure that policies of equal opportunity are applied at all times and that all procedures and practices are free of discrimination. All staff are obliged to follow legal guidelines and equal opportunity principles.

2.   In cases when these rules are violated, individuals can address the offender directly. If the issue is not resolved they can report to the Centre Manager or their immediate supervisor. The report will be investigated as soon as possible and all parties will be listened to. The individual that suffered the offence will be protected against harassment and victimization.

  • Disciplinary Consequences: The party which is guilty of any kind of discriminatory behaviour will be subject to disciplinary repercussions that vary in regards to the severity of the violation. Possible consequences will include reprimand, detraction of benefits for a definite or indefinite time, demotion, suspension or termination for more serious offences. Involuntary or indirect discrimination will be resolved through training, counselling and modification of procedures to ensure fair treatment.

Welcome to The TEFL Centre in Málaga!

     We offer:

  • 4 week intensive accredited TEFL courses in Málaga.
  • Savings to be made of approximately 500€ on competitors' course prices.
  • Recognised UK-based certification.
  • Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm.
  • Maximum of 10 trainees per course.
  • Highly experienced trainers.
  • Reductions in price for friends enrolling together
  • Training given in a busy language school.
  • Emphasis on practical course content.
  • Life-long professional support for graduates.
  • Direct contact with the accrediting body.
  • Membership of our teacher graduate pool.
  • Accommodation service available.
  • Help in finding placements, writing CVs and interview technique.
  • Social activities programme.
  • Airport transfer service.
  • Discounts on Spanish courses.



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