Why choose the TEFL centre?


1. We can save you over 500€:

Typically our courses will save you over 500€ or even more with our offers! You will receive just as much quality training. With so much demand for teachers globally, employers do not in reality limit their application requirements to just CELTA or Trinity qualified teachers, even if it is initially indicated as a bench mark. Our collaborating school hires TEFL teachers, and as long as they have recieved thorough training (120 hours of an accredited full time course attended) and interview well, the brand name of the certificate counts for little.



2. We are a fusion of the best:

The TEFL centre course is a fusion of all we and our accreditors consider to be best practise, taking what we consider to be the best from the industry's standards, and we are continually updating and improving our product in line with new developments in language teaching and market tendencies. As a smaller independent company, with a shallow hierarchy for course content decisions, we are versatile, up to date and dynamic.



3. We are practically orientated:

Our mantra of ‘learning by doing’ is as true for trainee teachers as it is for our language students. Our courses, as well as covering all the relevant theory and demonstrating classroom teaching techniques, will give 8 hours of observed classes as well as extra class observation opportunities (see below). We will train you as dynamically as we teach our language students! This training base will give you the confidence you need to go into your first teaching placement with the assurance you really know what you are doing.



4. There are a maximum of 10 trainees per group:

Courses are run with up to 10 trainees, meaning that there is plenty of scope for giving personalised attention to each individual.



5. We are passionate about teaching:

The other key factor to consider when choosing a course is the quality of the trainers. Our trainers have many years of teaching experience in many contexts, but more importantly, have a passion for teacher training and the English language.



6. Our team is highly motivated:

As we ourselves have been involved in the creation of the course, we are especially motivated. At the TEFL centre there is an air of creative synergy that makes the whole course experience far more than just a teacher training course.


7. Our collaborating academy of over 600 students can offer class observations and teaching practice time:

There is nothing like watching other teachers in action and classroom teaching practice. Because the collaborating academy runs many kinds of course, there are ample chances for trainees to observe lessons imparted by experienced teachers and do hands-on teaching both during and after the course. The age ranges available are from 4 years upwards and all levels are taught from A1 to C2.


8. As employers of teachers, we know how to train you:

The TEFL centre works in conjunction with one of Málaga’s oldest and best known language academies, and owing to our in-house teacher training plan we have a great deal of experience in training teachers to give students what they need. In particular, we are experts at transforming potentially dull classes into a highly motivating, fun and effective experience.


9. We will help you get a job:

We will help you with your CV, interview techniques and employer contacts and introductions.



10. We and our accreditor will continue to give you support in teaching after your course:

Once the course has finished, both The TEFL Centre and Accreditat, the accediting body, offer to continue in supporting your professional development indefinitely. Graduates will be able to join a platform for our ever-growing pool of language teachers and continue to consult, share experiences and help each other.


11. Teachers references:

Read what our teachers say about our training. Click here.

Welcome to The TEFL Centre in Málaga!

     We offer:

  • 4 week intensive accredited TEFL courses in Málaga.
  • Savings to be made of approximately 500€ on competitors' course prices.
  • Recognised UK-based certification.
  • Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm.
  • Maximum of 10 trainees per course.
  • Highly experienced trainers.
  • Reductions in price for friends enrolling together
  • Training given in a busy language school.
  • Emphasis on practical course content.
  • Life-long professional support for graduates.
  • Direct contact with the accrediting body.
  • Membership of our teacher graduate pool.
  • Accommodation service available.
  • Help in finding placements, writing CVs and interview technique.
  • Social activities programme.
  • Airport transfer service.
  • Discounts on Spanish courses.



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